Pure Placements Indemity and Declaration Form

In terms of the Labour Relations Act, you are not obliged to submit certain information as a part of your job application. This information relates to Race, Sex, Religion, Political Opinion/Persuasion, Ethnic/Social Origin, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Age, Conscience, Belief, Culture, Language, Family Responsibility, Marital Status, or other arbitrary grounds.

  • I, therefore, understand that all information volunteered in this application form, or contained in my CV or given verbally, is done so completely without prejudice and of my own free will.
  • I hereby confirm that the information given to Pure Placements PTY LTD by myself, whether verbally or in the form of a CV is to the best of my knowledge accurate and true.
  • I hereby authorise Pure Placements PTY LTD to undertake whatever inquiries they deem necessary (Including but not exclusively credit and criminal checks as well as verification of educational qualifications, driver’s license, social media checks, etc.) and release my former employers from any liability for any damages.
  • I grant Pure Placements PTY LTD full permission to submit my CV on my behalf to the client for their consideration.
  • I agree that I will not for 12 months after accepting any introduction for employment with any client of Pure Placements PTY LTD, seek employment of any nature, temporary or permanent with the client or any associated company of the client, except if such is done on behalf Pure Placements PTY LTD.
  • In the event of the latter, I agree to notify Pure Placements PTY LTD of such an offer. https://pureplacements.co.za/terms-and-conditions/ *