The Importance of Accurate Information and Obtaining Your Umalusi Certificate

The Difference Between a Statement of Results and a National Senior Certificate

When it comes to receiving your Umalusi Statements of Results (SoR) after completing exams, it’s essential to understand the significance of accurate information and the subsequent issuance of certificates. This blog post aims to provide you with the necessary details on the SoR and the process of obtaining your Umalusi certificate.

What is the SoR?
The SoR is a temporary document provided by the assessment body when the results are released. It is important to note that the SoR is not a certificate in itself. Instead, it acts as a placeholder until Umalusi issues the final certificate.

Importance of Accurate Information:
Checking the accuracy of your personal information on the SoR is crucial. If you find any discrepancies or errors, it is vital to bring them to the immediate attention of your school principal. Correcting any inaccuracies before the certificate is issued ensures that your certificate will reflect the correct information as printed on the SoR. Remember, altering information on a certificate may not always be possible, so it’s crucial to address any issues early on.

Obtaining Your Certificate:
Umalusi, the responsible authority, takes charge of issuing the certificates once the re-marking and re-checking processes are complete. There are two types of certificates that Umalusi issues:

Certificate: This is awarded to individuals who have successfully met all the qualification requirements.

Subject Statement: If you did not meet the requirements for the entire qualification, a subject statement will be issued instead. This statement confirms that you have fulfilled the minimum requirements in one or more subjects.

When to Expect Your Certificate:
The timing of certificate issuance depends on the examination period:

November Exams: Certificates are typically issued in April or May of the following year.

March/April Supplementary Exams: For these exams, certificates are usually released in July or August.

Collecting Your Certificate:
It is essential for all candidates to approach their school, college, or learning center within five months after the results are released to collect their Umalusi certificate or subject statement. Remember to adhere to this timeline to ensure a smooth collection process.

Accurate information on your Umalusi SoR plays a vital role in obtaining your certificate. By promptly verifying personal details and addressing any discrepancies, you can ensure that your final certificate reflects the correct information. Keep in mind the timing for certificate issuance based on the examination period and promptly collect your certificate from your educational institution. Remember, your Umalusi certificate represents your achievements and is an important document for your future endeavors.

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