Here are the top 10 reasons why candidates fail at job interviews.

In today’s post we look at the top 10 reasons why candidates fail at job interviews, if your interviewer/interview panel is not actively engaging with you in the first 5 minutes – you’re in trouble.

  • Lack of preparation or research on the company and position.
  • Inability to clearly communicate their skills and qualifications.
  • Lack of specific examples or evidence to support their claims.
  • Inability to articulate their motivation for the role or how they align with the company’s values.
  • Failing to ask questions or show interest in the role or company.
  • Negativity or a poor attitude towards past employers or experiences.
  • Poor personal presentation or poor communication skills.
  • Talking too much and not allowing the interviewer to speak or ask questions.
  • Being late for the interview.
  • Showing a lack of enthusiasm or interest in the position.